Arnaud Le Texier – Continuum EP 12″

a Artist: Arnaud Le Texier Title: Continuum EP Format: Vinyl/Digital Cat: Affin 022 LTD Release: February 2015(Vinyl), 23th February 2015 (Digital) Track listing A1 Arnaud Le Texier – Continuum A2 Arnaud Le Texier – Bleep B1 Arnaud Le Texier – Abstract B2 Arnaud Le Texier – Eugenics (Vinyl only) Arnaud Le Texier – Oyabun (Digital only) Continuum describes an ongoing process that Arnaud Le Texier is following with his music since more than 20 years now. The approach of developing and exploring Techno continually summarizes this EP in short words. An open minded attitude for experimenting with structures is guiding us through this record from A to B. Techno with no expiration date!

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DVS1, Rodhad, Jeroen Search, DJ Deep, James Ruskin, Tommy Four Seven, Chris Liebing, Rebekah, Etapp Kyle, Truncate, Jonas Kopp, Joseph Capriati, Pfirter, Zadig, Francois X, Richie Hawtin, Bas Mooy, Mike Wall, The plant worker, Unam Zetineb, Florian Meindl, NX1, Ness, Krenzlin, Invite, Paul Mac, Samuel L Session, Slam, Kr!z, Scan Mode, Pig and Dan, Electric Rescue, Antonio De Angelis, Maetrik, MTD, David Att, Luciano Esse, Thomas Hessler, Sam Paganini, Submerge, Bryan Chapman, Dustin Zahn, Keith Carnal, Ischion, Electric Indigo, Justin Schumacher , Drumcomplex, DJ Hyperactive, Dr. Motte, Patrick Bateman, Ilario Alicante, Synthek, Roberto, Mattias Fridell, Mary Velo, Patrick Siech, etc…. b Credits Cover Photo by & Artwork by


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