Electric Rescue – Eridani


Electric Rescue (Paris) hardly needs to be introduced. His releases on Soma, Cocoon, Bedrock or Sleaze are landmarks of a guy who’s around for 2 decades. With Eridani he offers an EP combining stringency with melodic bows. Excellent!

Release date: 29th September 2014

supported by

Slam, Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati, Rolando, Speedy J, Drumcell, DJ Deep, Audio Injection/Truncate, Gez Varley, DJ Hyperactive, Jeroen Search, Arnaud Le Texier, DJ Emerson, Blank Code, Raiz, Nihad Tule, Niereich, Maxime Dangles, Hector Oaks, Unam Zetineb, Steve Parker, Raphael Dincsoy, Drumcomplex, Miss Sunshine, L.A.W., Mike Wall, Paul Mac, Krenzlin, Simo Lorenz, NX1, Couch Lock, Keith Carnal, Patrick Bateman, …

Antoine  - 071


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