ad.lib & silvision Sins 12″

AFFIN010LTD_1 Kopie

Release_  03 June 2013

Artist_ ad.lib & silvision

Remix_ Raffaele Attanasio, Joachim Spieth

Format_ Vinyl/Wave


Digital_ exclusive on Bandcamp from 17th June 2013

Zurich, Switzerland. It’s ad.lib & silvision again. It’s not often that a debut release gets as much attention and support as “Collide” did exactly one year ago. It was played by artists like Chris Liebing, Tommy Four Seven or Samuel L. Session. In the meantime ad.lib & silvision established themself in the international techno scene with outstanding releases on labels like BCR, Gynoid Audio or De:Konstrukt.

Now they’re back on Affin with the “Sins EP” containing two originals and remixes by Label Owner Joachim Spieth and Raffael Attanasio (Non Series, Envlp). The first original “Greed” is generating a lot of drive and a hypnotic quality off a rich array of fx and a never ending mad arrangement of synth stabs. “Envy” is hitting even harder with off kicks, some nervous hihats and a mad definition of space. both originals have this dense yet warm low end which became part of ad.lib & silvisions signature sound. Raffaele Attanasio adds his personal flavor with some dry and dusty layered kicks and a crazy repetition.

AFFIN010LTD_2 Kopie


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