Roberto – Contemplation Zone (EP)

roberto-zone Kopie

Release_  06 May 2013

Artist_ Roberto

Format_ Digital

ROB Kopie

After a series of highly acclaimed top quality techno releases on Jamie Anderson’s Artform label and Shlomi Aber’s Be As One Imprint, Roberto returns to Affin with another high class 4 track offering, the ‘Contemplation Zone Ep.’

The opening track ‘Judah’ is a no nonsense bomb that has been road tested by the man himself at the likes of fabric in London and Tresor in Berlin. The second track ‘Contemplation Zone’ keeps things deep and groovy, with Roberto’s original trademark drum patterns that never fail to impress. The third track ‘Kai-Zen Dub’ brings together techno and house elements in a big melting pot of dub, whilst the Ep is finished off with the hypnotic chord techno monster ‘Morning Sun’ which gives a nod to the old school.



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