Viktoria Rebeka – Departed EP

Viktoria Rebeka - Departed EP

Release_ 18 March 2013

Artist_ Viktoria Rebeka

Remix_ Mary Velo

Format_ Vinyl*/Digital

Berlin-based Viktoria Rebeka appears with Departed EP, an impressing piece of Techno music. Developing her own idea of depth and atmosphere for half a decade now, Departed is a watershed, reflecting emotions with harmonic patterns. Departed remix from Mary Velo (also appears on Frozen Border, Gynoid Audio, Coincidence Records) hammering with ultra bass and hall cubes, amazing floor filler. Radiation Manu* continues with delayed waves and unreal melodic lines, escalating. Melodramatic is full of warmth, Dissapear closes. Awesome!

IMGL5166 b.w

Departed EP is supported by

Ben Klock, Cosmin TRG, Truncate, Jeroen Search, Radio Slave, Tommy Four Seven, Electric Indigo, Mattias Fridell, Unbalance, Marcelus, Adriana Lopez, Norman Nodge, Arnaud Le Texier, Substance, Material Object, Chemie, James Kumo, Drumcell, Charlton, Slam, Marcel  Heese, Miss Sunshine, Thomas Hessler, Marcel  Chymera, Dubfire, Rino Cerrone, Kirk Degiorgio,  Peter Van Hoesen, Angel Molina, Mr G, Chris Stanford, Brendon Moeller, Ame, …(read more)


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