Various Artists – Cracking 12″

2-1417-A-sideltd-20-300-dpi Kopie“Cracking” marks our 20th vinyl release! For that reason a mini compilation seemed to be a good choice. With MTD, Niereich & Andrea Belluzzi (who remixes Joachim Spieth‘s “Never Mind”) and Keith Carnal we’re sure to deliver a strong 12″ that will find its way into a lot of DJ cases! Preorder vinyl on (Release: 1st September 2014)

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Chris Liebing, DVS1, Heiko Laux, Audio Injection/Truncate, Joseph Capriati, Slam, Phase, Rebekah, Alan Fitzpatrick, Electric Rescue, Patrick Siech, Marcel Fengler, Electric Indigo, DJ Hyperactive, Richie Hawtin, Joel Mull, Blank Code, Bas Mooy, Mattias Fridell, D. Diggler, Nihad Tule, Raphael Dincsoy, Hector Oaks, Arnaud Le Texier, Niereich, Go Hiyama, Simo Lorenz, Mary Velo, Drumcomplex, Chris Stanford, Unam Zetineb, Viktoria, L.A.W., Deepchild, ad.lib, Scan Mode, Krenzlin, Dave Ellesmere, Antonio De Angelis, Justin Schumacher …2-1417-B-sideltd-20-300-dpi Kopie

Joachim Spieth – Never Mind Remixes

One year after its release we’re offering a proper remix package on Joachim Spieth’s “Never Mind” with The Plant Worker, Tex-Rec, Urbano, Andrea Belluzzi & Paul Mac. Enjoy! Available from 4th August 2014 on Bandcamp and all other download stores.

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Joseph Capriati, DVS1, Slam, Dave Clark, Heiko Laux, Rolando, Florian Meindl, Dustin Zahn, Terence Fixmer, James Ruskin, Shinedoe, Thomas Hessler, DJ Deep, Maetrik, Samuel L Session, Rebekah, Alexi Delano, Audio Injection/Truncate, Richie Hawtin, Hans Bouffmyhre, Roman Lindau, Samuli Kemppi, Electric Indigo, Niereich, Blank Code, Arnaud Le Texier, Bas Mooy, NX1, Steve Parker, Mike Wall, Roberto, Patrick Siech, Mattias Fridell, Raphael Dincsoy, Billy Johnston, L.A.W., Keith Carnal, Simo Lorenz, Couch Lock, Chemie, Cleric, Drumcomplex, Go Hiyama, Paul Mac, Egor Boss, Krenzlin, Patrick Bateman,…

Dave Clark playing Joachim Spieth “Never Mind (Tex-Rec Remix)” on White Noise

000841de-642 I’m happy to see Dave Clark played Joachim Spieth Never Mind (Tex-Rec Remix) on his weekly radioshow White Noise. You can download the mix here. The remix is included on my upcoming “Never Mind Remixes” EP and will be out from 4th August 2014.