Keith Carnal – Analysis EP

AFFIN-Keith Carnal - Analysis-300dpi

Keith Carnal is a DJ/producer living in Amsterdam. His Affin debut “Analysis” is a declaration of love for modern techno with an intuition on the dancefloor. The title track marching straight to find a simple but effective melodic sequence. Antonio De Angelis is taking this key figure in a deeper and sensual way by adding several layered waves on his interpretation of “Analysis”. “Prospect” is building up with a stunning sequence that refers to those euphoric moments when words just fail. “False Assumption” terminates this awesome EP by ensuring another time Carnal’s ability to concentrate just on this main item. Well done!

Release date: 14th April 2014


Adam Beyer playing Keith Carnal “Prospect” on Time Warp Mannheim

Ohne Titel

And another time Adam Beyer featured Keith CarnalsProspect” tune from the upcoming “Analysis” Ep, this time it was played out on Time Warp in Mannheim. Thanks so much Adam Beyer for the support! starting from 1:29:30

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V/A – Avatar 12″


Following the idea of packaging special stuff for vinyl lovers ‘Avatar’ is next 12′ we’re offering. Rismu‘s MST (The Plant Worker rmx)’ focuses on functional beat patterns until the chords breaking into.  On with a dub techno interpretation of Advanced Human‘s ‘Open Air’ by Joachim Spieth. On the flipside we’re happy to introduce Exos from Iceland (known from Thule, Force Inc. & Mosaic) with ‘Stargate 7′. Massive subs meeting cloudy dub chords. ‘The Zenith’ from Roberto & Chris Page is closing this 12′, by the way, it’s their first co­operation tune appearing on Affin. 12″ will be out on vinyl 8th April, followed by the digital version on 19th May.

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Derrick May plays ad.lib & silvision “Greed (Joachim Spieth remix)



Amazing to see our music is played out by legends of electronic music.

Thanks a lot Derrick May!

Joachim Spieth remix of “Greed” starts on 36:40 min!

Photo ©  Thomas ‘O Brien